Farrah Fawcett's Cancer

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  1. National Enquirer?

    And the cow jumped over the moon!:roflmfao:

  2. it was on the national news too
  3. That would be very sad if true, because then all 3 Charlies Angels would have had it. Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson are both Breast Cancer survivors.
  4. Very sad.
  5. That's sad news
  6. It is true,they were talking about it on entertainment tonight last evening.
  7. May God give her the strength she needs to get through
  8. sad..
  9. That's terrible. Cancer is everywhere...
  10. I really hope that she pulls through!
  11. How sad and unlucky for all three of them (only 1 in 3 are supposed to get cancer, aren't they?).

    Hope she gets through it OK. :flowers:
  12. OMG .. she's my favorite angel :sad: i loooooove her soo much

    i wish she follows her fellows steps and survive ...
  13. OMG, you're right, if this is true about Farrah. Very sad for her.
  14. Farrah was diagnosed with anal cancer October 2006. She had a full course of radiation, and her Doctor reported she was cancer free soon after. It's back again, reports are she has a very small nodule this time and is receiving radiation. There are approximately 5,000 cases of anal cancer in the USA, pretty rare. I hope she recovers.