Farrah Fawcett infamous David Letterman Interview from 1997...

  1. I feel bad for her. She has, well, cancer of the anus (can I say that here?) which has been determined to be caused by HPV in, uh, that area, which means..well, you draw your own conclusion. Yikes.
  2. I remember this and my take on this interview is that she was getting a real kick out of acting all ditzy and "out of it". I think part of it was the audience laughing and having fun with her and she was responding to that! Farah is kind of kouki too begin with but she gets the joke I think! If you ask me, David Letterman was acting just as silly!
  3. Uh I must be so out of it- didn't quite realize that?!

    Still I hope she is ok... I am rooting for her!!!

    And anus is ok - when it refers to anus cancer etc ::P
  4. i feel so bad for her .. wish her a full recovery soon