Farrah Fawcett Having Lunch With Ryan O'Neal @ The Cafe Roma

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  1. One week after sending a letter to her fans via Access Hollywood, Farrah Fawcett has reemerged. Farrah had lunch with her ex-boyfriend Ryan O'Neal, who has been a huge supporter of hers while she underwent her cancer treatment. They had lunch at Cafe Roma along Canon Drive, and then headed to Alan Friedman Jewelry store where they spent over an hour looking at various rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
    This is what she had written to her fans.A Socialite's Life is part of the Gossip and Hollywood BlogAds networks.

    All your cards and letters have meant so much to me during what has been a very difficult time in my life. So many of you wrote that I had inspired you in one way or another over the years. Well, now you have done the same for me.
    "Your words of encouragement have helped keep me strong during these last six weeks. And now that I have completed my treatments, I am happy to say that the hardest part is over.
    "Of course the passage of time will be the most accurate test, but I am starting to feel better and I am looking forward to going back to work after the holidays."

    Fawcett Says Thanks [SFG Daily Dish]
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  2. It is so incredibly sweet and endearing the way he's supporting and protecting her now:heart:
  3. Gosh, remember when her poster was the biggest selling poster in the history of the planet? This is sad.
  4. it is good to see her out, just enjoy life.
  5. Exactly what I was thinking!