Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom Fame

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  2. I hate this chick! She's such a disrespectful brat.
  3. Exactly! Why do we need a thread for this twit?
  4. Her own thread, really? She has a chip on her should've 24/7 - her life cant be that hard.
  5. Thank you! Well maybe we could see some pics of the trailer park where she lives.
  6. Maybe if she actually treated people with respect, she would have friends/ family that liked her and wouldn't be so miserable. She pretty much alienates everyone with her terrible attitude.
  7. I always felt so sorry for her poor dad that he was stuck in the middle of her and her mother, that poor guy must lead a horrid life.
  8. I agree. She doesn't deserve her own thread at all. Nothing attractive about her inside or out.
  9. She looks awful in those pics and I agree with everyone this bish don't need her own thread
  10. She's disgusting. Sophia is cute.
  11. I never liked Farrah. She is very rude to her own mother. And now this? Just ugh.
  12. *yawn*

    Way to be a role model for your daughter Farrah.
  13. ^i used to watch teen mom and I could never get over how awful she was to her parents! after a while I just started changing the channel when she was on:yes: