Farouk Nano hair straightner or Sedu?

  1. Hi! I was just wondering if any of you TPF ladies ever used a Farouk Nano hair straightner? I'm a Sedu user and currently looking for a new hair straightner. I would love to hear what you ladies use and some feedback would be useful too. TIA!
  2. I have a SEDU which I love because of the way the plates are completely level with the iron.

    Although after reading ^her^ thread, I really want a GHD!
  3. hehe, i'd love to enable you :biggrin:
  4. I haven't used the Farouk Nano but I have used a CHI for many years and it is made by Farouk and is still one of my favorite hair straighteners.
  5. GHD ... that does sound awesome. Thanks ladies!
  6. I want to get the GHD