Farouk Deep Brilliance vs Chi?

  1. Has anyone tried Farouk Deep Brilliance irons? They're a better deal than Chi. I was just wondering how they compare :shrugs:

    TIA :heart:
  2. I've never heard of them. Are they made by the same company?
  3. If Im not mistaken, CHI is under the Farouk company. not 100% sure tho.
  4. Yeah, they're both made by Farouk. It says the retail of the Deep Brilliance iron is $199, but Amazon has them on sale for $40 and the regular Chi is on sale for $80something. Part of me thinks that if it's made by Farouk it can't be that bad, but then the other part of me wonders why it's so much cheaper. I'm hoping it's because they're new :shrugs:
  5. Be careful buying it from Amazon, since they aren't an Authorized Seller of Chi products, it will NOT be covered under the warranty terms.