Faridah: what colour??

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  1. Hi everybody! I would like to purchase MbyM Faridah hobo, I need a purse roomy and colourful.
    Can you suggest me, in your opinion, what is the best colour among these 3 I've chosen (blue, patent red and sage)?
    Obviously I love everyone.. :P
    Thank you for your advises!
  2. I like the Sage! Second choice would be the blue.
  3. i agree with LB

    LOVE the faridah!
  4. I have the chocolate - you will love this bag! If you are a casual dresser, I would suggest the blue, but it is snowing here today, and the red patent could handle the nasty weather!
  5. To tell the truth, the sage is wonderful..:love: More I see the sage purse, more I love it!!
    But I think i'ts a very summer colour, do you agree with me? :thinking:

    Maybe I'll use more the blue, I often wear blue jeans during the day and I'll use the purse especially with casual clothes.

    Is the Faridah wide? I saw the Faridah just today for the first time. I was purchase the Balenciaga Hobo but when I saw the Faridah, I've find it more chic than the Balenciaga and it's cost little!
  6. I think sage is a beautiful color and quite versatile. It would be a nice pop of color to a monotone or boring outfit.

    I found the Faridah to be a bit large on my frame and it didn't work out on me. There are girls here who have it and love the size.
  7. Definitely the sage!!
  8. I like the blue!
  9. Sage!
  10. Blue... Great bag BTW! Can't go wrong - you will love it.
  11. i'm gonna go with sage too. blue comes in a close second.
  12. blue will def go with anything! i have the red patent in clutch version. great for nights out!
  13. That's hard!!! I've seen both colors. I would probably go with Blue then Sage! Good luck!
  14. I love the sage! Then blue..
  15. I've been checking out the faridah too.

    Of the three, I like the blue because I think its more versatile and can be worn year round. The sage is nice but seems more like a spring/summer colour.