Faridah Turnlock Bag in Black or Gray?


Which color?

  1. Black

  2. Grey

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Which one do you like more and why?

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  2. I voted gray. I love this bag!!!:love:
  3. I voted black. I own one in black and absolutely love it. Besides that, I don't like the combo of grey with silver h/w. Hardware should give the bag an attractive accent but in the grey it just sort fades into the leather and it looks blaaah.
  4. I voted black - I have one and I LOVE it! It's huge and roomy and so light and comfy to carry. The mouse (gray) is beautiful, but I preferred the look of the black against the silver hardware, like Frances Bean said, and I'm also a worrier about my everyday bag (which this bag is) getting dirty, so I always go with black for my everyday bag.
  5. I love the grey!
  6. i voted grey. it complements a wider array of colors than black does.
  7. i voted black. it's a classic color, that wont ever go out, and will match more things than grey. i had a grey bag once...and it was rather hard putting outfits together...
  8. :tup:I like the grey!! Pretty bag
  9. I voted black, I wear a lot of grey and a black bag looks better with a grey coat.
  10. I think the Black goes better with the silver h/w so it gets my vote although I like gray.
  11. I vote gray only because it's different and I love that shade!
  12. The faridah is a GREAT bag. You can't go wrong no matter which colour you chose. I would say out of all my MJ bags, I would use this one the most. How about one of each?
  13. I have this bag in grey and I LOVE it. I have 2 small children and was worried about getting it dirty. However, that has not been a problem at all. I love it.
  14. I'd say gray. It adds to the vintageness of the bag. i think that the soft smooshy leather looks better in gray
  15. I like the gray. You can get almost any bag in black, and gray is a little different, but still a great neutral! This bag looks fab in gray!