Farfalla flies to my home

  1. I know some of you are hesitant to like the butterfly, but she called my name. I had been looking at her a few times before deciding to bring her home. This color was not ordered by the US boutiques, it was offered to the wholesale market, though, and I am happy that Marios ordered it. :yahoo:

    She is black woven nappa and has a low sheen to it. The butterflies are dark wheat color, and look almost like they were done with a burnout process. The braided handles are comfortable on the shoulder. My lousy pictures do not do this bag any justice. It is, as Bluegenes would say, "sublimely beautiful."

    And without further ado....


    butterflynero.jpg butterflynero2.jpg butterflynero3.jpg
  2. OMG... gorgeous!!!!!
  3. This butterfly bag looks much better than their old butterfly bags. I really like how the butterflies are on the smooth leather with the weave around them. This bag is gorgeous!!!
  4. I think it's gorgeous. I love the butterflies, too.

    Does the handle pull all the way through so that you can have one really long handle, or two shorter ones?
  5. I :heart: this bag!!!!!

    They already have them in stores in Singapore, and are SOOOO GORGEOUS! I love butterflies, and on BVs, they are just soooo pretty! :love:
  6. GORGEOUS :heart: that is the most amazing bv bag ive ever seen its so unique :nuts:
  7. congratulations! a very beautiful bag indeed!
  8. doreenjoy - You can do one of two things...either pull the two braided parts for two handles that fit over the shoulder, or fasten the clasp and pull up on that. The latter is a little longer if you don't mind the feel of hardware on your shoulder. The other way looks and feels a lot better.
  9. jburgh,
    very nice! i like the way how the straps can be pulled differently to carry the bag in different ways.
    please post some action pics to share!
  10. jburgh, congrats! This is such a beautiful bag and the butterflies are stunning!
  11. Another lovely bag - I hadn't seen the butterflies in anything but the pastel colours! So does Mario's carry more than just the same-old same-old selection of the department stores?! Sounds intriguing!!!
  12. I like the butterflies. Congrats!
  13. beautiful, jburgh - i love how the butterfly motifs look like they are handpainted on the leather.
  14. jburgh, it's a stunning bag! The butterflies look like they're on a solid leather and the weave appears to go around or are they somehow gelled together? I'm not familiar with Marios. Is it only on the West coast?
  15. jburgh, that is super elegant. Very lovely purchase!