FAREWELL TPF go ahead move this one too!

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  1. Well, I have had my 4th thread posting moved. My last thread posting, I thought I was being kind to let those out there looking for a Tivoli Pm know where they could locate one since I decided not to accept my waitlist. However, someone on TPF MOVED my thread posting (this has happened to me repeatedly). Did the person who moved it want to keep others from knowing where a Tivoli could be found??????????????????? If not, may I ask the reason. I am taking these movings personal now. I thought TPF was a place to meet other purse lovers and share news with others, I guess I was wrong. I wish you all the best. Go ahead, move this one too!! Michelle
  2. :confused1: it was probably just moved to the LV shopping section ...

    that was nice of you to tell people though.
  3. They didn't completely erase it. :nogood:

    It was just MOVED to the Louis Vuitton Shopping section since it had to do with SHOPPING.

    Just click on Louis Vuitton Shopping and your thread will be there.

    ---> Tivoli Pm available if looking, I declined! <---

    No need to take the moving of your thread personal at all.

    The MODS are just doing their job.
  4. please don't take it personally. the LV have subforums for the purpose of origanization. whenever i find a hard-to-find LV bag, i always post it on the shopping section. if you post it on the main forum, the mod will move it to the shopping section where it is suppose to be.
  5. ~Oh...so sorry to hear that...I agree w/ LV Diva, the MODS are just moving the threads to the appropriate sections. Don't say your farewells...:nogood:maybe PM one of the MODs for further clarification. They're here to help us all:smile::flowers:
  6. and this one shold be moved to "drama"!
  7. don't worry, they're just moving it to the shopping section...that way people who are shopping for the Tivoli will be inclined to look there!
  8. ^^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao: (mello yello)

    It took me a while to though to figure out there was a whole other section, up on the top. it was like the sky spread and the heavens sang when my friend explained the shopping section up there, she was like what have you been doing on this site... reading??
  9. Yeah! All MODs here are very nice, friendly and kind. I believed it moved to the right category :smile:
  10. Yes, I was aware of the other sections. I had an earlier posting regarding the trip I was making to LV for the pickup of the Tivoli today and there were some PF members who wanted me to update if I got it or left it. They would be checking this section for an update. Unfortunately, I have had a number of threads moved or deleted for reasons unknown. Thank you for your kind words.
  11. :confused1::confused1::confused1: OH Well!!!..
  12. calm down :smile: they're just doing their job
  13. I feel the same way sometimes. Every thread I post gets shut down.... whatever!
  14. :rolleyes:
  15. It's too addictive to leave this place...stay on and enjoy!!
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