Farewell Leigh

  1. Tomorrow I will be returning my black leather Leigh. I have decided after modeling her and staring at her I am not in love anymore. I think I will be exchanging her for a khaki/ebony Leigh. I am more of a signature fan, as much as I try to turn myself into a leather fan I can't stay away from signature. So everyone say your goodbyes to black Leigh... :crybaby: :sad:

    P.S. I think I am going to stick with my gardenia...
  2. May I ask why you prefer the signature over the leather?
  3. If you aren't 100% in love then you are doing the right thing.

    And I'm w/ ya.... I prefer sig over leather when it comes to Coach bags. I don't know why exactly...I like that fact that a bag can be stylish and I can still take a Tide pen to it I guess. :p
  4. I personally think the leather is amazing but If you must.. :crybaby:
  5. khaki/ebony sig is my FAVORITE color/style on the Leigh! Good choice!! :tup:
  6. I honestly have no idea. I am just drawn to signature bags. Even when I am walking around the mall I notice signature bags more than leather. It's not that I don't like leather because I do but I am drawn to signature bags more.
  7. AWWW.... Bye leigh! I Personally love the khaki/ebony leigh, so I can't say that I blame you.
  8. Do you have it? If so can you post a pic! :yes:
  9. :girlsigh:*waves goodbye* If you don't love her, you're doing the right thing. Hopefully she'll find a loving owner, or vice versa.

    I'm the opposite, I love leather, and not so much signature. I bought one signature purse and had to sell it. I love signature in my accessories though..
  10. I am so confused. I know I want to exchange my black Leigh but I don't know what bag to get instead. I am thinking about the large khaki/chocolate Carly or the khaki/ebony Leigh....Any opinions?
  11. I love the Leigh in khaki/ebony so that is what I would go with!
  12. CARLY! Such an amazing bag! But the khaki/ebony Leigh is amazing too. Which bag is more your style? I love leather anything, but I personally love the siggie more right now too. It may change in the future, but for now sig. is my fave too. I think it's because it's sort of funky (in a good way...lol), and I like that style.

  13. well, those are two completely different bags. Which style would you use the most? Is this going to be an everyday bag or once in a while bag? Between those two that you picked, I would choose the ebony/khaki Leigh. LOVE it! Are there any new Spring styles coming out that you like? Maybe get a store credit and come back during the next PCE or when the new Legacy stuff hits in March/April. It sounds like you're just wanting a new bag to get a new bag (been there done that :shame:smile: . I'd wait until something comes out that you LOVE.
  14. I think I will go with the Carly. I feel it is more of a bag I can use from day to day. I will buy the Carly and then save the rest of the credit (it will be like $250) for the next PCE. I'm not really loving the new spring bags coming out. I like the new pebbled leather ergos, so maybe I'll get one of those. Who knows! Now that I think about it I don't know if I love gardenia! I hate my Coach addiction! I heard they are coming out with a khaki/gardenia. So I might return both and get a credit...get the Carly tomorrow and get a new spring color Leigh. hmmmm :confused1:
  15. I posted a pic for you in your other thread of my khaki/coal Leigh