1. I ordered the Fara patent leather pumps in black. They are scheduled to arrive today at work. I'm so excited!!!:yahoo:
  2. Please Please post pics when you get them!!! I think I'm going to get these with the next PCE. Would love to see modeling pics as well! These shoes are amazing! Congrats!!!
  3. Thanks so much. I will try to post pics once they arrive, but I'll have to do it in stealth mode so the husband doesn't find out about my new purchase. ;)
  4. Oh boy!!! I hear ya!!! I'm the exact same way! I have a Mandy arriving today and a Legacy Leather Satchel arriving hopefully the end of the week and I'm hoping I can make it home from work before my husband does!!!
  5. Those shoes are gorgeous!! Especially in black!! I'd love to see modeling pics too!!
  6. oh lala..cant wait for you to post pics of them!
  7. Yes - please post modeling pics. I have been debating on where or not to buy these so I will need you to enable me! :graucho:
  8. They're here!!!

    I don't have pics to post yet, but I have gotten many rave reviews at work so far. They are GREAT looking!

    My only complaint is that the straps that run across the foot are a little tight - the left strap is really tight on me.

    The insides of the shoes also turn my hose black.

    That being said - they're gorgeous! I just have to decide whether or not I can tolerate the uncorfortable straps.
  9. How high is the heel?
  10. Maybe the strap will stretch a little with wear? I'm not sure how that works with patent.

    Please take pics as soon as you can, I'd love to see them on a real person!
  11. wow those sure hot HOT!
  12. FYI - the heels are high - almost 4" - I think they are exactly 3 3/4" high. But, that doesn't make them uncomfortable at all. Just the strap does. I'm going to try to stretch the strap out a little.