Far Away From Hermes

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  1. I need help. I live far away from any Hermes Boutique . . . I live in Colorado. It seems that you need to live near a boutique to increase your odds of purchasing a Birkin, so I am pondering purchasing one online. Does anyone know about the reputation of the following sites: creatuersdeluxe.com or hermesgalleria.com. I am so worried about getting burned, but it seems rather impossible to purchase from Hermes.
  2. I've bought from CDL and can recommend her without hesitation. I have no experience with hermesgalleria.com and cannot comment on that seller.
  3. That's great to know. From what I have read, when you buy from CDL you are paying about two times the going rate. Is that about right?
  4. Well, she does sell some pre-loved Birkins and Kellys at good prices. I bought a Croc Birkin from her at a great price.
  5. I know this sounds bad, but I am not a fan of used. I have reached the internet alternative after much debating with myself. I am from Texas so I contacted the Houston Boutique and spoke to a very lovely SA. I think she felt sorry for me being displaced in Colorado and took down my info . . . what I was looking for, name, phone, etc. After ready some peoples' comments, though, it sounds very unlikely that I was taken seriously. It sounds like I would have to live in Houston to have a shot at actually establishing a relationship with a SA. I really don't want to buy a Kelly just to win a SA's confidence.
  6. Kate, look in the Hermes Shopping section. There are listing of those ebayers recommeded and those to stay far away from.

    I've purchased both new and used things from some wonderful eBay resellers. It is probably your fastest way to get a Hermes bag.
  7. I've purchased bags from resellers and only one was actually used (very lightly), and I was already aware of that when I made the purchase. The rest were brand spankin' new and the prices were decent (not like CDL's ridiculous markups). Just have to shop around.

  8. kate08, it's possible to buy some scarves (that you like and want, of course) and some small leather goods, perhaps a wallet, to build a relationship with an SA. You certainly can do this by phone, too.
  9. kate08...be patient and take your time. You can purchase from a boutique. Just give it some time and pick up a ew pointers from here. Make some friends. Everyone here can help you with various things. Start doing some research. It is not impossible.
  10. kate, if I'm not mistaken, hermesgalleria.com has scammed a number of the members here. If the price is too good to be true, it usually is.

    CDL is a wonderful seller. Most sellers are more than happy to negotiate on the price.
  11. It is good to know about hermesgalleria.com. The trick with that site is that the prices are not too good to be true . . . the prices are roughly what the bags sell for. I'm not looking for a steal, I just really love the Birkin. Later yesterday, I did read bad reviews online after asking for help from you guys about hermesgalleria.com. As for CDL, I am glad to know it is reputable.

    I have learned that I need to be patient, and that buying a Birkin is a lot different than buying Fendi, Chloe, etc. With other brands if you make enough calls, you can find the bag you want even if it is an "it" bag. So it is hard to switch gears.

    The good news is that I go to Palm Beach in May and Paris in September . . . maybe I will make some contacts or even find a Birkin. So there is hope after all!
  12. Wow -- Paris is September. You may indeed find your Birkin in Paris!
  13. then paris for the birkin then.. good luck..