Fantasy: What if you could redesign any LV bag you wanted...

  1. Say you were offered a position at LV to redesign certain bags...what changes would you make to what bags?

    I would change the Cabas vachetta bottom!!!

    I'd also make the smallest Batignolles bag into a shoulder bag.

    Oh...and I'd add a cosmetics pouch to the inside of the Petit Noe (Similar to the Petit Bucket). No extra charge!!!:flowers: :angel:

    :idea: Awe...what the heck...I'd add a cosmetics pouch to all shoulder bags.:lol:

    Oh...and I'd make a Damier Wapity!!!:tender:
  2. I'd make the zipper area of the Bedford expand more. It's way too tight and makes it hard to get larger items like my PTI wallet out and sometimes snags my ring.
    Also, I don't have the bag but I think the straps on the multicolore Aurelia totes need to be longer. For such a large bag, I'd expect it to have straps similar to the Cabas Mezzo.
  3. i'd make mens wallets in muticolor, vernis and suhali.
  4. One more...

    I'd make the Saleya straps a little longer.
  5. Where you aware you can order the Saleya with longer straps? I just ordered the cabas piano with straps the same length as my Babylone (wanted a shoulder bag not so heavy). I imagine you can do the same with the Saleya. This is a new service they started about a year ago according to my SA.
  6. second that "add a cosmetics pouch to all" idea....mannnn i would love that...
  7. Instead of vachetta, I would redesign the BH with cream colored leather!:heart:
  8. MC speedy......Deauville..... make them not as heavy....lot LIGHTER! :nuts: :graucho: :heart:
  9. I would make my Babyloe MUCH lighter and I would make my Drouot a little bigger. I would put a cell phone pocket in my Speedy. I would make a pink damier speedy with creme colored leather, kind of like the new azure one, but pink with vachetta that wouldn't turn. I would make a porte tresor style wallet with the mark jacobs lock - big enough for a check book. I would do a framboise 6 key holder, not just the 4 key one. I would also have a pink damier key cles. I would have Suhali loafers with a mark jacob (koala) lock thing on top with a very soft pink color (not patent) - just very soft, with the driving knobby things on the bottom. Finally, I would have a beautiful pink suhali agenda, with a koala type closure, with a green inside - kind of Lilly Pulitzer looking.
  10. I'd ditch all the silver hardware and replace it with gold. :smile: And I'd make the Bastille wide enough to fit a 15 inch laptop. And (pre-emptively) I'd probably ditch the vachetta on the Damier Azur and replace it with treated cream-colored leather.
  11. I'd make the Monosque Gm a little smaller or the PM a lot larger, actually I'd like to see a MM version.
    Ditch the Vachetta on the lighter color bags & make an optional longer strap for Pochettes.
  12. i agree on that :yes:! i'd also like to have the Vernis coated leather treated in some way to prevent the dreaded color transfer

    i'd get rid of the vachetta on all the bags and replace every shred of it with the pale-colored leather:tender:, so we won't have to worry about patina

    i'd have the Speedy made with the base to stop the sagging altogether

    this is fun :biggrin:!
  13. I only have one complaint about the batignolles: I wish that the side buckles aren't so "creased" so that we can increase the bag's capacity cuz the sides get on my nerves. How to do this? We can easily lengthen the side straps, punch in 5 more holes into them. Now the owner of the bag has MUCH more choices on how "creased" the bag is (now there's only 3 choices), while still maintaining the buckled look!
  14. 1. i'll make the gold hardware in better quality so the color won't vanish.
    2. i'll make the multicolore & cerises in coating like the monogram, so they WON'T RUB OFF
    3. i'll make the panda in speedy
    4. i'll make the conte de fees in speedy

    i think that's all for now :P
  15. I would make an Epi messenger :nuts: