Fantasy Handbag

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  1. I was wondering if we had a choice what would be our fantasy Mulberry {they might take note}. Mine would be a bayswater in purple suede or bayswater in green suede.
  2. Baywater in green suede sounds fantastic. I have some green suede boots that are my absolute favs, they are now reserved for special occasions only as I am scared they will die on me, the bag would be s uper edition as I am a 'green girl' given a choice. Green patent mabel anyone????
  3. Mine would be the regular chocolate bayswater, but with antiqued silver hardware. I've come to prefer dark brown bags with silver h/w, and since the silver h/w they usually use on other bags is way too shiny for me, I'd like it to be a bit antiqued, like the brass is. And a regular bays in buffalo would be great, I love bufallo leather!
  4. A bright pink magenta jody!
  5. Chocolate jody- one track mind here!
  6. Mine would be a small oak Roxy...about the size of a small Mabel...cute and not too heavy! Actually, I'd love it in black too!
  7. ^^^ Kind of like a rosemary then?
  8. gunmetal e/w bayswater
  9. what a good colour ..wish they did other styles in that!
  10. alison, they also do the antony messenger in this colour if youre interested! Also, im sure they will do many bag styles in this leather in the coming seasons as they have just introduced the burgundy leather now (i think!)

    They wont be doing a phoebe as its an old style :crybaby:but can you imagine a bayswater or a ledbury in this colour!!:rolleyes:
  11. yes indeed!!!!!!!!!
  12. I must say I quite like the new 'saddle' leather. It reminds me a bit of, dare I say, Hermes barenia VN. I whish they'd do the bays in saddle leather.
  13. OMG, that'd be so cool.
    I love the burgundy color and am actually thinking of getting the Calder in it.
    Anybody have one? Any pics? :smile:
  14. i love a choc brown jodi shoulder bag or even a dark navy one! i noticed there arent much navy mulberry bags (i couldnt be wrong)

    would really really love a bag suitable for evening or to bring out to fancy restarants but prefably in a size which would hold more than just a lipstick!! must be a classic style so i only need get one! (wishful thinking of just one)