Fantastic Louboutin Peeptoe! Red or Green?!?

  1. So, I am deeply in love :heart: with my new Dallas Barneys! So in love, I browse their fantastic shoe collections almost every other day. This weekend I saw the new colorful Christian Louboutin Peep Toes. I HAVE to HAVE to HAVE these for Spring 2007, but I am completely torn between the red or the green! :shrugs: So I ask you fantastic shoe divas which would you get? I am definitely getting one of these colors by the end of the week before they sell out! :p (check the pics below)

    eBay: Christian Louboutin RED PATENT MARYJANE Shoe Sz 37 7 (item 190069794414 end time Jan-14-07 04:19:41 PST)
  2. red
  3. Red is beautiful!!
  4. Red!!!!!
  5. The red is HOT but the green is different...I don't know! There's no wrong choice here!
  6. Red's cute.
  7. red or nude but that wasn't a choice haha so red!
  8. I like both! the green is really cool, but red would work with more.
  9. The red are really cute!
  10. Both are beautiful, but EVERY woman should have a pair of red shoes! Get them!
  11. Red!
  12. Definitely red.
  13. I think red will go with more things too :smile:

    another red vote here ;)
  14. Am I missing something with the eBay auction? Why are they saying they're not available anywhere else when they're on the same site as the green ones?
  15. Red!