Fantasies Indiennes

  1. Managed to get this scarf before the price increase.... was thinking to get one of the marwari scarves but when i saw the FI in the turquoise colorway, my heart just went :love::love: ... Since 2008 is themed Fantasies Indiennes, I thought it was appropriate to get the commemorative scarf

    So here she is, with my turquoise mysore birkin... I love how the scarf picks up the similar tones in my birkin..

  2. this scarf makes me drool. I have a few of them and I just love love love them

  3. archangel: wowwwwww! BEAUUUUUUUUUTIFUL! the colors! the details! truly amazing!!!!! love your turquoise mysore birkin. It's gorgeous!!
  4. Stunning colours!!
  5. Can I just tell you that if I saw you walking in the mall, I would totally stare? Heck, I would probably follow you. :ninja:

    That scarf and that bag are just...I!

  6. Love the scarf, Archangel, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the turquiose Birkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I love them both! They look amazing together!!!
  8. Stunning combination. Congrats!
  9. I MUST get a Fantaisies Indiennes; also I want a Caparaçons and a Cheval Marwari.....but can you believe that my store still doesn't have the new scarves?????????:cursing:
  10. Very pretty, archangel! And so is your rare birkin!
  11. Congrats on your New scarf !!!
    I love Fantaisies Indiennes...and I really need one in black :graucho:...
  12. archangel, this is a truly beautiful and spectacular combination.
    any chance of modeling pics?
  13. Archangel, the scarf is stunning!! Especially with your turquoise Birkin. I have the magenta colorway from the 1992 issue.

    A funny thing is, I was at Richard's in Greenwich last week when a woman was trying to return a scarf exactly like yours. The SA gave her a bit of a hard time, since they don't have the new '08 scarves yet and it wasn't purchased from them. The SA made a big deal, went into the back to check on everything (probably the price) then came out and gave the OK. Now that scarf is on display, front and center, in the outside window of Richard's Hermes display!! And they STILL haven't received the '08 collection yet!!
  14. Beautiful scarf!!!
  15. Absolutely stunning!