Fantasia.. on Regis

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  1. Anyone watching ? doeesnt she have LV sandals on ?
  2. I'm at work right now but I'll check it out on TIVO tonigh! ;)
  3. ^^ thanks .. i keep trying to get a screen shot and cant .
  4. I think kelly has them on too,.
  5. I think they might be.
  6. Nope, Kelly's arent but I"m sure Fantasia's are.

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  7. ^ dang, those are gorgeous!

    and i bet fantasia looked fantastic with them on!
  8. I love Pink on darker skin, its HOT! ;)
  9. Indeed, reminds me of a raspberry tootsie-pop.
  10. yes she is! they were just talking about them on the show =p
  11. wow - very cute
  12. I watched it! I saw those shoes and I was like, "AHHH LV! YAY!" LOL. It was so sweet when she started crying though, and then Regis and Kelly cried too!