Fans! Opinions please? What color is this?

  1. It is so gorgeous.... love gunmetal and the color is so neutral. I didn't know about the changes in gunmetal either! RM changes hardware/linings/colors up all the time; has both pros and cons!
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    Yes, it is gorgeous, and I love birdie lining, but it doesn't have the blue I am looking for.

    One of you should snap it up! Only 20 hours left to bid at $199, and her buy it now is $320 + shipping!!
  3. In that case, you might be interested in RMs Pool color... It's more vibrant than the Bal and has black and white floral lining. :nuts: Here is a link to the color on bonanza (not my listing). And it came in a MAM..

    I bought it tonight! Had a crappy week and have been stalking it on I treated myself! Got her for $201 with 15 for shipping :smile: I've seen your pics of your dark gray MAM and it looks great on you. Do you find it's a bag you can carry all seasons?
  5. I got confused between this bag and sandc's Dark Grey MAM, which I'm currently lusting over. Its a darker, almost black color, but the linig is black/white dash.
  6. I was reading some old posts about this color and I can't remember for sure but there was a dark grey 2008, 2009 (birdie lining), and 2010 is the one you mentioned. By what they said it seemed like the 2010 was by far the darkest version of "dark grey." Luna Boston had one of the lighter versions of dark grey and it was very popular I guess. I've heard the color you mention is a lot easier to find. I'm stilI learning all about RM so I'm no expert but that's just what I remember reading when I searched for it. I'm on my phone right now otherwise id get that thread for you. I'll look later :smile: