Fans of Korean Drama

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  1. I have recently been really attached to watching korean or taiwanese drama that i MUST recommend this show to all of you!!!The title is MY GIRL and the woman in that show is just so hilarious.The guy is kinda cute too!!You can simply watch it at and search for my girl.Don't worry,there are english subtitles provided.There are also a couple of really nice dramas that i have watched before:Full house (korean),Sweet 18 (Korean),It started with a kiss (Taiwanese),Devil beside you (taiwanese),and i heard that Goong (korean) and Kimsansoon (Korean) is also worth it to watch!!!Those are yet to be conquered by me!!If any of you know other drama series that are yet to be mentioned above,please update me and post it here!!!i hope you guys will try watching it!!It has entertained me almost all the time..even during class hours..hahahaha
  2. oooo there is one that I really liked....crap I cant remember the name. I'll post again when it comes to me. Those things can be addicting!
  3. Yes, korean dramas can be so addictive. My girl is really sweet and cute. I enjoyed watching it. There's a few that I really got into but can't think of it in english.. one is my delicisious spy or something like that.
  4. ADDICTIVE!!!!YES!!!!!!HELL YEAH!!hahahaha..tell me what it is when u recall it...hihi*
    ohh..i used to loveee..japanese drama too!!!
  5. I did watch Full House, It started with a kiss, and Devil beside you.. I also love Japanese drama as well. They're great when you're trying to learn the language.

    Mshashmount do you speak Korean or Chinese?
  6. are you talking about sweet spy???
    with that cute guy who speaks english throughout the whole drama series????HE'S CUTEEEEEEEEE:love:
  7. i totally agree with you!!!!
    i speak mandarin/chinese, and trying to learn korean n my girlfriends would practice talking in funny n lame at times cause we're both so horrible at it...:lol:

  8. I think it was called "Honesty". It was about a rich boy and a poor girl...and a rich girl who wanted the rich guy...sorry, that could be ANY of them!
  9. kim sam soon was okay- i guess... i will give you a post of the must see korean dramas.. :P
  10. i hardly watch tv... but i did see kimsamsoon and i loved it.
    i watched a couple of episodes of goong and that's funny/cute too.
  11. All Korean Drama are almost the same; rich girl poor guy, or rich guy poor girl falling in love.
  12. HAHAHA :lol:
  13. i like "prince turned into frog"
  14. u forgot the girl/boy dying of cancer part......or ending up being related.......but i love korean dramas (esp. full house).....that may just be cuz i'm korean tho
  15. Ahhhh, I LOVE the Taiwanese drama "Devil Beside You"!! :love: I'm currently watching the korean drama "Love in Harvard" and I'm down to the last 3 episodes. They are soooo addictive!! :lol:

    Also, is it just me or like 99% of the korean drama always involve a poor beautiful girl with a P/T job as a housekeeper and a really rich egotistic guy whose family always disapprove of their relationship. Then the poor beautiful girl will somehow get cancer (because she's always so unlucky when it comes to this thing) and die, leaving the rich egotistic bastard all alone? ::scratching head::