Fans of Estate or Antique Jewelry out there?


Dec 10, 2008
Seems like a lot of people love designer jewelry, both new and old. But I am more interested in unique antique or estate pieces. Anyone have any pieces they want to share?
Oct 6, 2007
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I have a few pieces, one is a ring that was passed down to me it's approximately a .60 rose cut diamond in a 18k edwardian setting with two sapphires on each side

and I have also put a payment on a platinum estate diamond tennis bracelet from jewels by erica grace, I'm hoping to have it by february!!!
i'll try to get some pictures of my ring tomorrow :biggrin:


Jul 31, 2011
I don't have pics, but I enjoy vintage and estate jewelry too. Problem is that if you're buying something with a precsous gemstone, you usually don't get a certificate of authenticity with vintage, estate, or antique rings. Especially if it has diamonds.

I prefer estate jewelry that's high-end costume jewelry.
Jan 22, 2009
I have a few older pieces, but not nearly as many as I'd like.

I found this unique ring in the estate section of a jewelry store that many people in my family have frequented throughout the years. to me, it looks like a mix of older pieces. the setting looks like handmade old 18k. the base of the ring is 2 pieces of carved jade. the top piece looks like it used to be a pin or pendant from the art deco period. it's platinum & it has 2 old mine cut diamonds in it.

Sep 30, 2007
Seattle, WA
I have my great grandmothers pieces which were handed down to her, here are some pics...
WOW! They are all so beautiful. I should call dibs on mom pieces. My mom gave me a diamond ring after college. I return it back to her after i got married because at the time I feel that I not ever use it. She gave to her grandson bribe as a wedding ring. Last week, I told her that I really regret that i gave it back because I could make it DBTY necklace. Sigh... too bad so sad.