fanny pack comeback!?

  1. I have read that fanny packs are making a come back as belt bags or waist bags. Where can I find the new and improved, practical yet fashionable belt bags? I've scoured the internet and most are the horrid models reminiscent of the 80's. I envied a hipster wearing a very cool slim pack around her waist by Le Sport Sac. I've gone on the Le Sport Sac website and the belt bag illustrated seems bulky looking. Diesel makes a cute one, but it's not easy to find. Nordstrom has a cool canvas one but is sold out. Please help. I'd like to get one ASAP as a gift for a friend who still, unfortunately, wears the out-dated 80's style.

  2. coach has a hip bag thats pretty cute
  3. No, sorry, I don't think they're coming back.. Ever.

    Unless it's something artsy like that mink bum bag from LV that can double as a purse. ^_^
  4. I just got myself the Gucci Belt bag in navy Blue and I think its pretty cool!
  5. ^
    Actually those aren't all that bad. Still they may look werid attatched like that IRL, simply because they move with the wearer like a tail or something. It's very hard to tell from the pictures, but at least those are far from as horrible as the BUM bags from the 90s. :yucky:
  6. LOL... I had a dream about fanny packs last night!!!!
  7. good or bad??
  8. Ew.. Urban Outfitters sells a really 80's leather fanny pack. Hahaa I kinda like it.
  9. Welcome to the purse forum.
  10. Say it isn't so. I thought fanny packs would never make a come back.
  11. I personally DESPISE(LITERALLY..THEY GIVE ME HIVES!LOL!)fanny packs..HOWWEVER there r times when they become necessary.
    When I travelled in was an essential piece to put my passport and money.....I personally would buy a Gucci one.
  12. I just don't know................I need time to think.....