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  1. My mom showed me this online auction website and it seems to good to be true. Anyone know anything about this? Are the products legit?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I don't know anything about them but it's hard to tell how authentic the items are without enough pics. I can't even tell if the pics they have are their own or stock pics only.

    If there's an item you're interested in you should ask for more pictures and then repost it here. TPF has several sub forums for the different brands so you should browse around and post on the right one.
  3. oh okay.. I'l try to get some pics.. but it seem like the pics they have are stock pics... I researched about them but barely anything came up.. I looked at their facebook account and no one even posted anything about getting their stuff or if its real. its really fishy.

    thanks for replying!
  4. It doesnt matter if you use paypal to buy, since paypal can chargeback if you dont like the item