Fancy tights and short skirt

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  1. Don't look at the top - I know it doesn't go and in fact it's a dress tucked in, just the bottom half - what's your impression of tights like these and how about with this skirt especially? Thanks for your help
    Rachael x

  2. I like the tights... just not with the skirt. I feel that the tights may be just a bit more dressy than the casual skirt.
  3. Those tights with a black or dark tartan pleated skirt would be hot. That skirt should be worn with out tights, or plain black ones.
  4. how does the skirt look with nude hold ups?
  5. I think the skirt is a bit too small (looking at the zipper, which seems to be pulling). I agree with PuffyJacket that they would be really cute with a black tarten skirt!
  6. i think tights like that're better off w/ longer skirt (like right at or above knee)...if you really like short skirt..i'd pair w/ boots but not OTK boots. i think OTK boots can draw a lot of attention and tights like that can look too much.
    and i would do black or dark brown skirts.
  7. I think a plainer skirt with those tights might go better, as well as mixing up the colors a bit....the whole outfit from head to toe is orange and green. Try putting in a different colored top or shoes.

    I love short skirts & tights!!
  8. Hmm, the tights do NOT go with the skirt. The skirt, perhaps due to its color, seems more warm-weather, while tights seem cooler weather. And lace tights should go with something plainer - ruffles are OTT. As for plain pantyhose, I am generally not a fan of the look, especially with a casual skirt like that. Pantyhose sometimes need to be worn with more formal clothing because of dress codes (at least in this part of the country, they are still expected in areas of finance, law, etc.), but they just look odd with casual clothing, IMO. I wouldn't put hosiery of any sort with that skirt and go bare-legged.
  9. the skirt is warm weather IMO^

    a great little a-line black skirt or pencil skirt would be great with your first tights. they're cute, where did you get them?

  10. my thoughts exactly
  11. i like those tights, where did you buy them? :smile:
  12. Ia!

  13. I just picked them up from the local supermarket (Asda) on a whim on my way home. I don't think they were branded but I can check.
  14. Do not like the skirt AT ALL. I think if you want to wear tights like that you need to wear a longer, more conservative skirt.
  15. The skirt might be OK in Summer (no tights) or inter-seasonal with opaques and same colour shoe/boot as the opaque tights.

    The lacey tights would be better worn with a knee-length pencil or straight skirt in a neutral colour.

    The hold-ups are plain awkward with a frilly skirt unless your 'job' requires such an outfit :sunnies (I am presuming it doesn't though)

    Wearing the same colour shoe as the skirt and those tights sandwiched between shortens your legs, looks contrived and doesn't work at the same time. The point of those tights is to draw attention to your legs and neither the shoes or skirt should compete in colour or style.

    All the items are fine but probably not great worn together.

    You have a great figure and really lovely legs. Short skirts and attention-grabbing tights should be your thing but maybe not all at once ;)