Fancy Rice Cookers - what to use them for (beyond the obvious)?

  1. OK, so I thought a rice cooker would be a nice idea since we only eat brown rice, but now that I have the thing (got it from an Amazon lightening deal), I think, "It's HUGE" and "even at this great price, is it worth it?"

    It says you should only keep things warm for 12 hours or it gets a "flavor" and should only be reheated in it once because it will get a flavor... so what's the point? Am I missing something here? These are super popular, but do most people use them like a slow cooker?

  2. I've heard of people making sponge cakes with a rice cooker :wtf:
    They pour the batter into the non-stick container and let it "bake"
    I've never done it myself so I don't know how it is.

    I guess the reason why it gets "flavored" is because there's so many plastic parts in it and it absorbs the odor.
  3. 1. Rice porridge. Add about 3-5 times more water, and then cook with rice... soupy but I love it when it's cold or when the family is sick. Once it's done, then you just throw in some raw, chopped meat, wait about 15 minutes, and it's a meal!

    2. Jambalaya. I throw in the meats (pre-browned), veggies, rice, spices, with raw rice and the rice cooks perfectly every time.

    3. Stews/slow cooker meals... I kind of toy around with this one, since it's a rice cooker. But I don't have space for a crockpot, so this is kind of like a slow cooker for me.

    Mine has a timer so I can set it for when I want my meal done!
  4. This one has a timer too (it's a really nice one). Now, slow cookers don't brown meats and don't evaporate juices it's cooked so low.... with a rice cooker, would it cook faster? and evaporate the juices - kind of acting more like a pot on a low simmer on the stove?
  5. Does soups, stews or chilli and my favourite "Sticky rice"... yum!

    Remember to add the metal tripod in there to steam your fav. foods (vegies, fish, meat, egg curds etc...)
  6. My bf makes pasta in his every night. You add dry pasta, some water, and sauce and 15 minutes later you have pasta.
  7. Honestly, I've never used a slow cooker in my life (although I've wanted one on/off for a while) so I can't compare. But no, this does not brown meats, so I do brown them beforehand (except for porridge, where I'll just add ground/chopped meat). I think it does cook pretty quickly... Jambalaya on the stove, they say, to leave on for 30-60 min but with the rice cooker you'll get the signal that it's done. In terms of stews, I just throw everything in and it's cooked and ready in an hour. Kind of like a fast low simmer on the stove, I would 'think.' Sorry, I'm a relative newbie cook.