fancy dress (carnaval)

  1. Hello

    I live in the south of holland and next sunday Carnaval starts!
    it's great! I think they celebrate it in germany aswell..
    EVERYONE gets dress in fancy dress, if you don't wear fancy dress you stick out like a sore thumb...

    now... what would YOU dress up as...
    think of halloween only OUTSIDE so cold!!!!!!!!!
  2. I didn't know you lived in Holland! I do too, I live near Nijmegen.
    I dressed up like a cat for the last 4 years! A Cats cat - as in, stretchy black tee, leggings, boots, self-made tail and cat ears, and make-up (schminked) by my mom's boyfriend, who is an artist and used a picture of a cat to do my make-up. It always looks so pretty!
    I also went to school like this for the last 4 years - where no one dresses up, because of course we don't celebrate carnaval at a high school. Yes, I'm a dork :shame: But I kinda love getting all the attention and doing something totally crazy.

    This year he can't do my make-up though, so I was thinking of going as Barbie this year, which is my nickname for the past couple of months, so it also has a meaning.

    What are you dressing up like Sophie-Rose?
  3. This year I will be going as a Posh Horse rider... think Madonna confessions on a dance floor tour...

    Last year I was a colourfull gypsy!!!