Fancy dinner has me worried

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  1. DH is having a dinner in his honour for being with his company 1 year. It is the director + spouse, vice-president + spouse and us two. The director is a very classy middle-aged woman, she collects Louboutins and Van Cleef pieces. The vice is a typical yup, more money than sense and very little taste. Both are however completely 'polished', they are 'done'.
    Me however... I can never really manage the uber-groomed look. Yes, my shoes are Prada and my bag Miu Miu but my dress is cheap, my make-up done by me and hardly expertly so, my hair is heavy so it just hangs around... I just feel extremely underdone and even scruffy if you put me next to the gorgeous shop girls in the boutiques (I didn't bother going in for years, figured they would just laugh) so I cannot even imagine what it will be like now at this fancy dinner with these fancy people. As with everything you should try not to worry about, this has me feeling uncomfortable days in advance.

    (PS any professional help is a no go, am broke)
  2. i wouldnt be overwhelmed! lol just be who u are and look as good as u can and be confident!
  3. My best terms of wardrobe would be to use items which are clean, simple, and classy. A simple black dress highlighted w/ simple accessories will go a long way.

    As far as your hair is concerned, you said it is heavy. Well...perhaps you want to change your look? Perhaps shorten the length to take off some of the weight. My best suggestion for this though, would be to do this well ahead of time and not wait until the last minute.
  4. Are you worried about impressing these other people? The best way to impress people at a formal dinner, IMO, is by your actions, manners, and conversational abilities, and not in the clothes you wear or bag you carry.

    Encouraging conversation by showing interest in others by asking about, say, their interests and activities, and listening to their responses, not just talking about yourself and DH, etc. go a LONG way toward leaving others with a very positive impression of you.

    Good luck and have fun! :tup:
  5. Can you get your hair blown out? Maybe have a makeover done at the mall ahead of time? Sorry I guess both suggestions cost money. Maybe you could post your look on the wardrobe thread and get some advice/positive feedback. I think alot of looking fabulous is feeling fabulous and adding that special something to an outfit which makes it "ours." That something usually isn't about how expensive something is, just about how it fits "you."
  6. ^i agree that simple and classic are the easiest ways to polish your look. all black will never fail you and how about wearing your hair back? that's what i do when my hair won't behave. what's even more important is your self confidence. even if you were wearing designer duds and had your hair and makeup done by professionals, if you don't feel good inside you won't look good on the outside.
  7. It seems to me that the most serious thing you're lacking isn't a fancy dress or professionally done makeup - it's confidence. And if you don't believe that you're every bit as awesome as these women are, then you're not going to look as good as you could, no matter what.

    So ask yourself what would make you feel better - maybe get a deep conditioner for your hair to add some shine and watch some youtube tutorials on glam makeup. Practice. But no matter how expensive your dress is, you can still fit right in.
  8. You sound lovely, and I know that the worry beforehand will disappear and you will wonder why you had been so concerned.

    My one tip, go get yourself a blowdry. It really helps to make you feel special and if a girls hair is right, so is everything else.

    As for the cheap dress? Well, everybody knows that its the shoes and bag that makes the outfit look luxurious, so you are very in vogue.

    Hope your night out is fun. They are doing it to thank you, so just enjoy the ride!
  9. Believe me, I wouldn't worry about impressing other people. You'll do just fine. You don't even have to do anything special with your hair because you'll feel uncomfortable and it will make matters worse. I would, however, invest in a nice pair of black slacks with a silk blouse or a basic black dress with some great earrings, along with a good clutch bag. That, and a little extra color on your face, and they will all envy you. Just be understated, and you'll do fine. They'll love you, and you'll have a few extra basic items in your wardrobe to go with everything else you own.
  10. If you have even $25 or $30 to spare, possibly you could get a blow out at a salon. You would be shocked as to how much this would add to your look! If not, perhaps try a different style (try it a few days AHEAD of time to make sure it works) that you do yourself. Maybe add small ringlets at the bottom of your hair? And, some volume on top. Also, when you do your makeup... look for some tutorials on youtube. Do something simple, yet sophisticated.

    I also find that the way to get your makeup to apply best is to have a good base to begin with. Exfoliate and moisturize. It will give you a glow.

    I'm a firm believer that clothes don't have to cost too much. I do not own ANY pieces of clothing over $100. I buy my clothes from Old Navy, Banana Republic, Target, and occasionally TJ Maxx. You can look just as beautiful in a $50 dress as you can in a $500 dress.

    And, please, please don't worry about impressing anybody. You are beautiful just the way you are. Sometimes confidence is the greatest beauty booster we can give ourselves!
  11. do you have a girlfriend/sister that can help you with your hair and your make-up? my sis always does my make-up when i have something fancy to go to.

    as far as what to wear, pick something nice and classy that makes you feel comfortable. and just be yourself and have a nice evening :yes:
  12. That is the super-duper deep dark secret.

    :yes: Get this skill down and they will think you are the most brilliant and charming person they have ever met, much less at that one event, no matter what you are wearing, carrying, or what fun-loving circus animal your hair may insist on resembling that day! ;)
  13. :lol::lol::lol: Oh, yeah, great answer, redney! Get them talking about themselves and they will think you are a great conversationalist!!
  14. Confidence is key here...own it!
  15. I agree with getting a blow out. It's $25 (here in NY City area) but well worth it and I always feel amazing afterwards. Maybe you can go to a make up counter and see what they can do?
    I don't like going out when I already am feeling bad so do something to make me feel better. One day I was on my 3rd day of just feeling really sick so I went and got my hair done and I swear it made me feel better :smile:

    I agree with Amanada though, it's a confidence thing! These people shoudl like you for you and not what you wear. You have much longer than just a first impression when you're actually sitting down and having dinner with someone.