Famous NYC restaurants

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  1. Please any ideas? It's for a special occasion.

    Many thanks for any suggestions! :flowers:
  2. I've eaten at Le Bernadin, One if by Land, Capsuto Freres and Canterelle for special occasions.
  3. Thanks for the helpful ideas, mrb4bags!!! :flowers:
  4. i love blue fin. also artisinal. my mother was telling me how much she loves jean george's (may have spelled that wrong) the other day.
  5. and if you want a steak house i really like the palm.
  6. Thanks!!! :flowers:
  7. Per Se and Le Cirque are also pretty well known, as is La Grenouille.
  8. Le Bernardin is my favorite for a fancy occasion. Unfortunately, Chanterelle is closed. La Grenouille is the last old school french restaurant in NYC, reported to be a favorite of Jackie O back in the day. I wouldn't go to Le Cirque for the food, but the peoplewatching and the atmosphere. I also like Craft, Peter Lugers. Anissa is a very pretty jewelbox of a restaurant great for intimate dinner for two, but I found the food only ok when I went during reopening week. Picholine and Babbo are also very good. And I really want to try Eleven Madison Park.

    According to the NYTimes reviews the best restaurants in NYC right now with four stars are: Del Posto, Eleven Madison Park, Masa, Per Se, Daniel, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin.
  9. Eleven Madison Park Park is absolutely my favorite in NYC in terms of famous special occasion restaurants. Daniel is amazing food, but awful stuffy upper east side vibe (but if thats what you're in to...) Per Se is also a solid choice! I personally LOVE Locanda Verde for special occasions, but it isn't really "famous"
  10. Love Restaurant Daniel. The tasting menu is like from heaven.
  11. Locanda Verde has good food! But not as much of a special occassion. Have you been for brunch?