Famous Fashions Found?

  1. loony!

    i ordered from them once last year, everything was fine. i don't remember anything in particular (except that i sent what i ordered back because i didn't like it) so it can't have been awful!
  2. i've never ordered from them but i do check their site periodically just for fun, and i find that a lot of their items are a bit overpriced (i guess a sort of premium they charge you for finding goods that have been worn by our favorite celebrities :shrugs:)

    so if you find something you like a lot on their site, i'd recommend purchasing it from another venue if possible....also a lot of the stuff is hard to find online or past season but some of it is readily available elsewhere...hope this helps :yes:
  3. :nuts:

    Thank you ladies!
    I'm in UK, the land of overpriced merchandise :roflmfao: I want a Mike & Chris leather jacket and at the moment I can't see the one I'm leaning toward anywhere else. Plus their shipping is pretty reasonable and I like that they ship USPS.

    I might convince bf to order it for me :idea:
  4. well compared to a birkin it'll be a bargain!

    let me know what it's like, i've been eyeing them up for a while and they're a little more reasonable than rick owens :lol:
  5. Been eyeing them up for some time myself. I was looking at them in Harvey Nics yesterday and they are very soft and thin which should be ideal as my top half can't take a bulky leather jacket :yucky:
  6. Yes that is a completely legit site with authentic items. I ordered from them before and never had a problem with them. Everything went smoothly and shipping did not take too long either.:smile:
  7. Authentic and great service. I was wondering about the sizing on a pre-order item so they contacted the designer with my measurements to ask which size I should get. I thought that was awesome!
  8. i've ordered from them and yes, they are legit. everything was fine and i had no problems with them at all.
  9. Just wanted to add to everyone elses testimonials that I ordered a Mike & Chris jacket from FFF. The jacket was in PC and legit. I had to return the jacket because it was too big, but everything went smoothly. :smile:
  10. Thanks again, everyone :yes:
  11. oooh i really like this one: