Famous British marmalade cats

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  1. Animal lovers are the best.
  2. Do you have a marmalade cat Cindi?
  3. I'm not sure of the exact requirements for a cat to be Marmalade but I do have Bellis (orange and white) and Artemis (orange Tabby with white bib and paws and extra toes). Do they qualify??

  4. Love that story
    I had a marmalade cat with white markings. He lived to be 18 and was such a sweet, shy cat.
    Maybe the best one I ever had. It's my belief that orange tabbies (or marmalades as you Brits call them) are generally very good and smart kitties.
    Thanks for posting that heartwarming story
  5. I have an orange boy.. this is Phoenix, he is a Scottish Shorthair, cousin to the British...

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    he's a beauty!

    I think most all orange cats are males.....someone please correct me if I'm wrong
  7. Thank you. Yep, majority are male because they are more likely to carry the red x gene.. But torties are always female… :cat:
  8. MOST are male but my Bellis and my foster cat Goldie are both female orange tabby.


  9. Why! I had no idea about that. Not sure what are the exact requirements to be marmalade, but Churchill specified in his will to keep a marmalade cat with white paws and a white bip. ;) heartwarming isn't it? Jock is a rescue cat from batersea.

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  10. looks like Jake has a beautiful home
    good rescue :smile:
  11. Hello Jock.
  12. Yes girls are not very common in the true red tabby (no white). But are more common in bicolor which is tabby on white like your beautiful girl in your avitar… More pics please. I think this is a great idea for a thread 'Post your red heads here' :lol:

    When I adopted Bennett, his color was referred to as 'champagne on white' on his papers. LOL He aint that posh IRL though.. :lol:
  13. Artemis is my only 100% orange cat. He is a pure bred Mainecoon. He is a giant cat at 3+ feet long and 25 pounds. And he has extra toes. He loves his little sister, Bellis. :love:

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  14. Beautiful.....looks like they have a pretty good life too :smile: