Family reunion brings out STALKER!

  1. We just got back from our family reunion in West Palm Bch and my husband's mother,sister, and cousin came too meet the rest of my family. My SIL leaves in West Palm she came over to the house for a cookout and she said before she got there that she probably run into someone she knows. Well, it happend a guy who is not related to me is there and turns out he has been STALKING her. :shocked: He waits in the parking lot for her at work. She has to have security escort her out when she gets off. He's always asking for number which she says no. So this guy is at the house with his wife sees my SIL and proceeds to stare at her and smile. :Push: He then shows her his wedding photos and then he asked her to give his wife her phone number so they can hang out. What phone does he whip out? HIS of course. :amazed: My SIL gave him the wrong number and then he pulled her to the side to talk to her but my cousin ran interference on that. I felt so bad b/c the last person you want to run into is a guy that's stalking you. He even shows up at her modeling events. This dude is psycho and the wife is totally clueless. :blink:

    I just had to share this...
  2. She needs to get a restraining order against him immediately. That sh*t is scarry. You never know what is going thru that stalkers mind and it can't be good if he's stalking her. Tell her to get a restraining order.
  3. This is really frightening. How could he possibly know where she would be? Is he tapping her phone or internet?
  4. Wow, that is a little messed up. I'd definitely alert the popo fast before it escalates into something scarier !
  5. Creepy! That sounds very frightening. He wants your SIL to hang out with his wife? Weird.
  6. Yikes! Restraining order time...
  7. Wow, that is crazy. She needs to contact the police and do something. Is there anyway the wife could be told what is going on by a police report. I would be scared to do anything. I hope she does someting soon, you read about these crazy stalkers all the time.

    My one friend lived in the same townhouse development in Jupiter (about 18 years ago). We met a nice group of people and this ladies husband lived in the next development developed a crush on my friend and would literally be outside her townhouse all the time. She had him do handyman work in the house but we never knew that he was always outside watching her house till a neighbor told her. We also then found out he did not install a sliding glass door wall right and you could open one door and get in the house anytime you wanted. Freaked us out. She put major locks on all gates and doors and stopped talking to the people. We feel he was harmless but it did creep both of us out.
  8. One question-How did this guy show up at the party??? I mean who invited him? I think she should ignore him and not even answer him no matter what. If he is getting any reply he feels like he has the upper hand. Is it possible for her to get a small recorder and record the harassment? Even if someone in another car videos his approaching her maybe the police might take it more as a threat. My best friend taped her ex-husband threating her and it helped her with her divorce.
  9. OMIGOD!!:wtf: ...I can't believe your SIL is even talking or standing next to the CREEP! talking or socializing with him, she is sending him mixed messages!:noggin: If your SIL REALLY doesn't like the creep SHE needs to make it perfectly clear to him that she does NOT want his MARRIED creepy-:censor: even remotely near her or she will place a restraining order against him, I'm sure his WIFE will not be too happy about his extracurricular activities either! This situation seems really serious and can get dangerously ugly, so your SIL should really takecare of this before it does!
  10. Gilliana, the family members house where we were at is the best friend of the STALKER. I didn't even know the guy I just saw the way he was looking at her when he came in the door and I was like okay who is that?

    Pursemama, your right and I told her that but I think she is afraid to really piss him off by going off on him. You know this is the first time we even heard about this she never told my husband that she had someone STALKING her. I would have busted him in front of his wife especially since he opened the door for that.

    Ladies, you are alright about the RO but she is a person that really doesn't take anything from anyone but I think this STALKER really has her shook and she doesn't want him to turn evil and start doing some physical stuff by getting a RO. I told her you have to do what you have to protect yourself plus you have witnesses on several occasions who have seen this STALKER.

    Oh, and get this the wife says to my SIL and cousin, "We've been togethr 8yrs and he had cheated on me the whole time." "But after I left him he realized that I was good woman and he changed." WHAT THE...are you serious? :wtf: Listen 8 yrs and he cheated the whole relationship he knows that he can get over with you and why not? You tell me what man wouldn't want his cake and ice cream.;)
  11. definitely need a restraining order.. always have someone with her.. when she is walking to her car or something, even when she goes to the grocery.. u never know what may happen..... hope that she survives this really annoying and scary guy...
  12. If the family member is the best friend of Mr. Creepo, can't this family member tell this guy to back off and not mess around with his family? I mean something has to be done or said for her safety. Also does the guy work, how does he have time to harass her and be at her work. The police need to get involved.
  13. The Wife is a nutcase all so .........BUt i would get a RO pronto...U cant take things like that lately.
  14. RO - there are cases where a stalker actually killed the person they were stalking and there was no prior indication he was capable of doing that.
  15. Agreed - everyone should be taking this more seriously.