Family Portrait

  1. My LVs had a family reunion :P

    From left to right: silver vernis reade pm, orange perforated cles, cabas piano, orange perforated bandeau, small cerises pochette, framboise vernis agenda, ludlow, speedy 25, damier papillon 26.

    What do you guys think I should add? :graucho: :P

  2. What a beautiful family!! Love them all!!
  3. LOVE the pic!!! I see some Mandarin Epi for you in the future!!!;)
  4. very nice collection! perfo cles is adorable :heart:
    maybe you can add a denim or antigua piece to mix it up...
  5. I like your predictions :graucho: I see some mandarin, too! Hopefully not cat-pee smelling mandarin, though :P
  6. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. what a cute family...I think you should get a wapity!! or maybe something from the mc line?! Love em all!!
  8. If I get a wapity, it's going to be the white MC :heart:

    I'd really like to add a damier saleya pm and the epi speedy, of course :graucho: I just switched to the damier papillon and it has become too small for me, with all the crap that I have become accustomed to carrying since I have been using larger bags lately (cabas piano, chanel caviar tote). I have thought about selling it lately and putting that cash toward the saleya. I love the shape though, so I'm just not sure :hrmm: Sound like a plan, or should I hang onto the papillon? I've been wracking my brain trying to figure this out :lol:
  9. Epi Speedy definitely, although your collection is too cute!

    I adore your orange perfo pieces, darn you and I was trying not to buy the orange perfo cles today... You're an evil influence!
  10. if you like the Multicolore line, then maybe a white Trouville? that's one of my favorites
    or something in Suhali or Epi

    by the way, is your Papillon the 26 or 30? i want the 30, but i was just wondering if i should get one on ebay that's being sold without the little pouch. if yours is 30, do you use the pouch?
  11. Great collection Cristina!! I say get the Epi Speedy, Madarin if you can find it!!! That would add a nice splash of color to your collection!!!
  12. My papillon is the 26. It was my first LV :smile: If I did have the 30, I'd probably use the pouch to keep smaller items in my bag that tend to float around, like lip balm, lip gloss and my pen.
  13. I think you should totally sell your pap and put the money towards the saleya especially if you are finding it too small! The saleya is gorgeous and the damier on it makes it sooo nice.
  14. Thanks for the advice :smile: I took pictures earlier, I'm watermarking them and I might list it this weekend. I'm going to carry it tomorrow and see how it works for me. If it's too small, I'll sell it. I'm attached to this bag, it was my first LV :sad: But I want something I can put to good use, and the damier saleya looks like the perfect work bag :heart:
  15. Wow! I love your collection! :love: