Family Portrait

  1. Ok..was cleaning out my closet and decided to take a family portrait.
    My Cabas Piano and 23 year old speedy are missing from the picture.
    Speedy is in the nursing home (packed in a box) and the Cabas is with my mom, she is babysitting it...
    fp1.jpg fp2.jpg fp3.jpg fp4.jpg
  2. Hot family portait! So many things to drool over!
  3. Wow what an amazing collection! I love the Framboise Bedford, it's beautiful! I am craving one of those! And the more I see of the Mono Rivets, the more I like it! You have such a great collection of LE bags too! The Damier Azur Speedy is so awesome too. One of my friends had one, now I want one! It looks so beautiful in real life! Congrats on an amazing collection!
  4. Great looking family !!! :dothewave:
  5. love your collection!!
  6. Beautiful collections :heart:
  7. What a gorgeous family!!! I am jealous :p
  8. wow! I love your family!!! how long have you been collecting? since your speedy?
  9. Very cute family, thanks for sharing.
  10. Wow, big ole family!
  11. What a big happy family! They look great together, thanks for sharing!
  12. Thats a big collection u got
  13. Wow! Amazing collection of hot bags!
  14. Nice collection! LoVe your riveting;)
  15. wow! :jammin: such variety!