Family pics, pewter hardware, collection.....

  1. Just received my caramel 03 and it is to die for! Like rich honey and old money:wlae: pewter hardware to boot.
    1st pic is of the pewter hardware collection.

    2nd pic is of the whole collection (but the seafoam 04, lilac 04, and rose will be sold soon).
    back row: Lilac 03, bubblegum, turquoise 05
    middle: Lilac 04, rose 04, marron 04
    front: dark turquoise 04, seafoam 04, caramel 03 and in front black 04

    pewter_hardware.jpg family10_bags2.jpg
  2. lovely collection! :smile:
  3. nice vintage collection, sun!:love:
  4. Beautiful collection:drool: I still love your 04 Lilac.:graucho:
  5. Sun!! How soon is SOON ?? hehe:nuts:
  6. Yay!!! Love the collection. Glad the caramel went to you!
  7. WOW! just wow! :heart:
  8. Amazing, I love the lilac 04!
  9. Thanks for the pics., what a treat to look at those incredible bags!
  10. Thanks ladies, I have a "thing" for the pewter hardware. Except the bubblegum looks amazing with the brass.
  11. Wow! That dark turquoise looks amazing! It looks like a brilliant cobalt blue. Would that be a fairly accurate description of how it looks in real life?
  12. I love the variety in your collection! They all look beautiful together.
  13. wow, sunspark, you have an amazing collection of pewter hw bags!! i esp love the lilac with the pewter.
  14. OMG, fab colors! So vibrant!!! :nuts:
  15. it's a RAINBOW! lovely =)