Family Photos

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  1. gorgeous versatile collection
  2. Gorgeous! Every single one of them!
  3. Thanks for sharing, ehemelay!!! You've been getting so many great bags lately that I've been curious to see what's in your collection - so I love these pics! What a great Bbag family you've got. I think your Cafe City and your Aqua GGH City are my favourites - but it's hard to pick from so many gorgy bags!
  4. I love your collection! Such a great variety of colors and styles!:tup:
    Just a question: why dont you own anything in Work size??:rolleyes:
  5. What a lovely collection, love the aquamarine,actually love all of them!
  6. Nice collection, ehemelay.
  7. Love your collection, you've got some really yummy leather & colour!!!
  8. beautiful family
  9. Thank you so much for the photos of your beautiful family!
    You have a great collection, I have enjoyed looking at all these gorgey bags!
  10. great collection! i love variety.
  11. Absolutely lovely collection. All your bags look wonderful but in particular the Officier Part-Time and Aqua City are my two favorites!
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    Even though I'm short, I think that the Work style models fairly well on my frame...the problem is that I don't carry much around with me on a daily basis, so even the Part Time and Day styles have a bit too much interior room for my everyday needs. I love the look of the Work, but I hate the idea of digging around in that vast space to find what I'm looking for.

    I attached a photo of my Aquamarine City from today...all I carry is a wallet, MU clutch, sunnies and my CPs (perfect storage compartments for the Blackberry and iPhone). I like that everything has a place, doesn't shift around, and I can grab for what I need without having to actually look down.

    You can see from the modeling photos, though, that because my Cities are usually well-stocked they tend not to slouch as prettily as everyone else's. Maybe I'll have to invest in a Work afterall....:nogood:

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  13. So many pretty bags!
  14. I am snowed in today and, after doing laundry and re-arranging my office, completely bored. I decided to condition all of my bags and take an updated family photo.

    Yikes! I bought way more than I remembered in 2009. I did let go of two bags, an Aquamarine GGH City and an Automne CGH City. After some consideration, I realized that I didn't use those bags as often because I am generally less enthusiastic about GH on Cities. (Did keep the Plomb SGH City, though, because I like the edgy look of that one!)

    I get the most use out of my Courier (carry every day as a computer bag for work) and my Black RH City. But I really love having a variety of styles and colors....and I hope to get a ton of use out of the moto jacket!!!

    Here it is :love::blush::love:


    Khaki moto jacket, '08 Black Money Wallet, '08 Black Courier, '09 Sanguine CP, '09 Praline CP, '05 Bordeaux Shoulder and '07 Anthracite Shoulder:

    Handbag colors - '09 Black, '07 Plomb, '09 Galet, '08 Sapphire, '06 Rouille, '09 Sanguine, '09 Officier, '07 Aquamarine, '08 Bubblegum, '07 Vert Fonce, '07 Cafe, '07 Mastic and '06 Sapin:
  15. Wow. Gorgeous collection.

    So since I am newer to Bbags - what does RTT mean? Thanks:smile: