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  1. I know that some Bal owners don't like to condition their bags, but I'm a big fan. I condition them as soon as they're purchased and periodically with use.

    I just got home from a long trip, was storing the bags I brought along with me, and got the wild urge to condition each and every one of my bags and accessories. Since they were all out, I thought I'd gather everyone together for a photo.

    Seeing them all at once, I cannot believe how many there are!! I'm can't explain why it feels like I will never have enough... Especially since the new bags I am drawn to are similar colors and styles to what I already own!! :love:

    Here's the line-up from the overview shot:

    '08 Black Courier (agneau)
    '08 Sapphire RTT (agneau)
    '09 Black RH City (agneau)
    '07 Plomb GSH City (chevre)
    '05 Bordeaux Shoulder (chevre)
    '08 Marine MU clutch (agneau)
    '08 Black money wallet (agneau)
    '09 Praline RH CP (agneau)
    '09 Sanguine RH CP (agneau)
    '09 Officier GSH Part Time (agneau)
    '06 Sapin Mini Bowling (chevre)
    '09 Sanguine RH Day (agneau)
    '07 Aqua GGH City (chevre)
    '09 Automne GCH City (agneau)
    '07 Cafe RH City (chevre)

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  2. what a great collection ehemelay! i am glad you are enjoying your plomb :smile:
  3. I love all of your bags - what a beautiful collection - my favorites are GGH Aquamarine City and your 05 Bourdeaux Shoulder - just gorgeous!
  4. You have a beautiful Bal family!!! :biggrin:
  5. Georgeous collection! What do you condition them with?
  6. #6 Jul 6, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2009
    ehc2010 -

    I love the Plomb City! I took it with me on a trip to Houston in June and I carried it almost every day. It broke in so easily (the primary difference I have noticed between Chevre and similarly "thick" Agneu leather) looks like I've been carrying her for years. I really look forward to rocking that bag with jeans and boots this fall!

    lovelygarments -

    I get so much use out of the Bordeaux Shoulder! I tuck it in to my carry-on whenever I travel. It is the perfect size and color for going out at night. The dark color matches with everything, and I'm not worried about spilling/dripping wine around it. I would buy another Bordeaux in a heartbeat.

    jcjen -

    Thank you! I have pre-ordered a Pourpre GGH City and I think that once she arrives, I will take a break for the rest of the year. I can barely rotate the bags I already have!!

    SuLi -

    I use Cole Haan conditioner and also their spray-on protector. There is no detectable scent and I have witnessed both the agneau and chevre leathers come through unscathed after exposure to rain drops. Plus, although I love veiny and distressed leather, I can't stand it when the leather looks "dry." The Cole Haan product works perfectly for my needs.
  7. wowow, great & verstitale collection there! i especially love your plomb city & sapphire RTT! how do you find the RTT? is it heavy at all?
  8. Lovely collection, love the plomb and Aquamarine !!! :biggrin:
  9. meganka -

    Thanks! I was lucky and bought my RTT second-hand from a really sweet TPF seller. Previously, I had been looking online and the only website I could find that still stocks the RTT is Departement Feminin. They carry a black version and another neutral color, I think possibly Praline?

    I love the RTT for travel because the straps fit easily over my shoulder, it zips closed, it holds a ton of stuff, and it slides under the average airplane seat. It is not especially heavy on its own, about the same as a Giant Work. The weight is in the hardware. I also considered the Sqaure Tote but after trying on at Barney's it was way, way too big for me (I'm about 5'1" without heels) and I'm quite sure it will not stow away on the airplane.

    You will not be disappointed if you get an RTT!!
  11. This is a lovely collection! Congratulations and thanks for sharing!

    On another note, do you find that whilst conditioning makes it softer to the touch, it actually takes away the sheen? I've found that to be true with all my Bbags. I only condition the body of the bag and not the handles. The handles still nice and shiny but the body doesn't. Ironically, instead of warming (turning a darker colour), it has remained the original colour (this is when compared with the piece of leather found in the inside of the front pocket.

    Has this happened in your experience?
  12. Beautiful collection--I, too, esp. appreciate your aquamarine city!
  13. jelts -

    You may be right about that. I personally don't care for the sheen of a new bag, so I try to carry them for several days in a row right away to mute the shine. I had never considered that the conditioning product might contribute to the "dulling" effect.

    Although, I have noticed that the chevre leathers seem to retain more of the sheen than the agneaus. I use the '05 Bordeaux Shoulder at least once a week. She's tossed around quite a bit and has even seen a few smoke-filled bars (they still allow smoking indoors in Vegas)...but looks like brand new.

    I don't have any issues with warming on the handles. I have always attributed that to my infrequent use of hand lotion, and the fact that I wear gloves about 6 months out of the year!!
  14. You have a great collection! So many goodies but I'm loving the Plomb the most!
  15. ehemelay - WoW WoW wow !!! There's only one word for your collection ... AWESOME !!!!