'Family' photo's! As promised.....

  1. Here are a few of my collection photo's as promised :love:

    My classiques (from left to right): Fall/Winter 2003 Red, 2001 Black First Season Le Dix, Spring/Summer 2003 Emerald.


    The second photo is of my city's (top to bottom, left to right): Spring/Summer 2003 Caramel, Fall/Winter 2004 Rose, Fall/Winter 2004 Turquoise, Spring/Summer 2004 Seafoam.


    The third photo is of my hobo's (left to right): Spring/Summer 2002 Belted Buckle Hobo with tie, Fall/Winter 2002 (?) Suede Messenger.


    and my whole 'family' (including my bordeaux voyage). :smile:

  2. Oh MY!!!:amazed: STUNNING bags!!!:love:
  3. You have a stunning collection! I am in love with your 03 emerald first :love:
  4. That bottom picture should be your avatar! Congrats on all of them!! They are gorgeous!

    So have you really found everything you were looking for??
  5. WOW!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
    What a fabulous collection!! Love the family shot! :heart: :heart:
  6. Loooove your collection! :biggrin:
  7. Holy Moly! Great collection you have there!!
  8. :amazed: Stunning!:yes: Im in :heart: !!!!
  9. :yahoo: I've been waiting for these photos! amazing bags mimi! they make me hungry. :heart:
  10. You know, I may not have 1 Balenciaga bag, but I know we have alot in common!!!!:lol: :P Nice collection!
  11. Holy cow! You are the Bbag Queen!!!!! Love all of your bags. Thanks for sharing.
  12. beautiful bags! i can only hope that my collection will be so well-rounded one day :smile:
  13. So in love with your Seafoam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Lovely collection!!! Your caramel city is to die for!
  15. love your collection mimi tdf:yes: i love the colors of your cities :love: