Family Guy?

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  1. I love the show Family funny! I used to love :love: the Simpsons,:nuts: , but now I've really turned to Family Guy. So funny! Anyone else a fan?
  2. I loooove Family Guy. I think it's such a smart show... American Dad is cute, too.
  3. Oh my goodness, how I love Family Guy. They have so many odd references, and it never fails to make me giggle ( if not laugh hysterically).

    American Dad I couldn't get into as much, but I really enjoyed the Alien, he was so adorable.
  4. I love Stewy! He's hilarious!
  5. Huge FG fan. I think I've seen every episode ever X_x
  6. HAHA...I'm actually watching family guy on my lap top at this very moment! Yea, Stewie is definitly the best! - I actually got a top a little while ago that had I :love: stewie on it.
  7. I have Stewie wallpaper on my cell phone. :shame:
  8. I have all the FG DVD's. I also TiVo it. My husband got me in it. I love Simpsons too (not as good as it used to be though) It's funny and crude sometimes, but I get a kick out of it. Sunday's episode was hilarious!
  9. I love love love family guy! By far the funniest show on tv. Stewie is my fav.
  10. I :love: Stewie! Victory shall be mine! lol :lol: It always makes me laugh. I don't really enjoy the new epis are much, though. The older seasons are best.
  11. totally agree! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. I like Brian! Bryan? Hahaha, I don't know, but I think he's great!
  13. True that!!:lol: :lol:
  14. I just wish Beavis and Butt-head come back!
  15. love family guy own the whole dvd collection and the stewie griffin movie! gigidy gigidy!