Famiglia's material seems different??

  1. I just saw Famiglia in person, and I felt the bag, it felt different than other bags. The texture seemed smoother and thinner, am I crazy. What is the opinion of anyone who has one already.
  2. I haven't seen Famiglia in person yet, but I think the texture of toki bags changed from Pirata onwards (it seems more stiff and crunchy to me). Maybe it changed back to the old texture for Famiglia?
  3. My Famiglia Zucca feels about like the Spiaggia Zucca I have. The smoothest feeling print I own is the Tan Playground which is noticeably smoother and softer than the later prints, which have seemed stiffer.
  4. Where did you see it?? :graucho:
  5. yeh my tan playgrounds are soft and the rest are stiff!
  6. I live in Chicago and saw it at A Okay on Clark & Aldine. I have not seen it in any department stores here yet.
  7. Okay, thanks. I was curious b/c I haven't seen it in any dept. stores here yet either. What kind of store is that that you saw it in a specialty store?
  8. GAH! i was just there last week. *grumbles about shipping times not coinciding with my visit*

    AOkay is a designer toy store. it's pretty nifty. they do have a ton of tokidoki bags and some clothes, too. when i was there they had mozarella, the cactus figures, and a ton of the minions in milk cartons.
  9. Well I got my famiglia caramella and it feels the same as the spiaggia and the tan Playground print. I :heart: the way it feels!! :tup: