1. okay...so does anyone have a clue when the lesportsac website will update to the famiglia print for ordering?

    or - even better - has anyone in oregon (portland specifically!) seen them in stores?

    lastly...dallas, texas...have they been spotted anywhere there yet?

  2. I also have a question... what season is it a part of O_o
  3. i email lesportsac last week about it & they said it will only be available in places like macy nords bloomindales neimun so
  4. oh so famiglia is exclusive to department stores? o_o
  5. They'll be sold at our Hawaii LeSportsac boutiques because Macy's, Nordstrom's, etc. doesn't carry them here.
  6. How do you guys feel about Famiglia? At first I hated it and swore I wasn't getting anything in the print. Then I got my caramella and it's cute but no pink latte SOOOO then I got my zucca and it's totally growing on me :nuts: I think I wish it had a different background color. How does anyone else feel about it? :confused1:
  7. I purchased the famiglia in a ciao ciao(my first ciao ciao!) the other day. It seems big on me but I'll get used to it. I actually like the print because it's something different from the usual toki prints but I think that this will be my only purchase of a famiglia.
  8. Yay for your first Ciao Ciao!! Congrats!! :yahoo:
    I have a ciao ciao and that was my first purchase. It's a good bag but I only like to use it when I'm going into big cities like SF or NY. I use it as a messenger. It can hold a ton!! Ciao Ciao is a good bag b/c you can get every character on there!! :tup:

    My BF said the same thing, that this print is different from the others, more subdued, more mature. I was really thinking I'd return mine but it's growing on me :rolleyes:
  9. I work at Nordstrom and we just got the famiglia bags in on the 4 or 5?? Somewhere around there...and it's a really cute design except maybe the background color :yes:
  10. It is a print that looks better in person than on-line... I though I would hate it until I saw it @ Happy Six... I ordered a Zucca on line.. I can't wait for it to come ( maybe tomorrow).. The characters are really cute.. and background color is neutral and will go with almost anything.
  11. I agree that it looks better in person. I was really feeling "blah" about it until I saw it in person this weekend at Nordstrom and I absolutely fell in love with it. You can get so many of your favorite characters on one bag with this print. And, I wear a LOT of brown, at home and at work, so it works for me.

    I think the print will get lots of double takes from people who aren't familiar with Toki stuff. At first it looks kind of basic, but once you look at it up close you see all the cute characters!

  12. Saiminz - I totallly agree, it's cute but the background color could be different. I think that's what's got me all confused :confused1:. It's so subdued.

    Princessthanh - It IS waaaay better in person than online :yes:. Congrats on your zucca, that's what I got too. Does happy six have a website or do you email them to order?
    Sisterblue - I hardly ever wear brown :sad:. I'm always in black. I think that's why I'm questioning whether I should have this print or not. You are right though, you can get a ton of awesome characters on this bag. And when people look up close they notice the characters
    but from far away it's not too bright or distracting.

    There was an older woman at the counter at Nordies buying a Coach purse when I was buying my bag and she did a double take when she saw my purse. Then she went on about how cute it was. She was trying to understand why I was choosing between two Zuccas :confused1: We had to explain to her different bags have different placements. She was :drool: over the bag! It was cute.
  13. I'm afraid for when it comes to our boutiques... *lol* If it really does look way better in person than in photos I don't know what I'll do. *lol* If it's cute, I'd only want a zucca and denaro... but that's just more money! Argh!!

    I'm still wanting to get that perfect Pirata zucca and denaro... I know that's going to cost me over retail on e-bay!! I wish money grew on trees!!
  14. I know how you feel.. I wish money grew on trees too. my entire tokidoki collections was complied in a matter of about two weeks.. and I just keep seeing more bags I want.. but no money!!
  15. JenY, I still do not like the famiglia print. I think if I see it in real life I won't like it either...well let's hope i don't. I really hate that dodo brown background color...