Famiglia - Yay or Nay?

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  1. I just got a Ciao Ciao in Famiglia in the mail today and I just don't know what to think....I'm just not sure I love it - it may be going back. I love the Ciao Ciao style, I'm just not sure about the print - what do you all think? TIA!
  2. i love my famiglia dolce, but out of all the prints...that would be my last choice. some people like it and some don't. I guess if you feel like you don't like it, i would return it and get something i loved. On the other hand, lots of people sold of there tan pg and really regret it. Since tokidoki/lesportsac callabo is ending...you'll have a hard time getting you hands on certain designs. but if you can live without it...i would. ;)

    good luck on whatever you decide!
  3. I like Famiglia.:shrugs:
    It's different, but you can have lots of cute characters still..
  4. I think Famiglia can be really cute and interesting up close, but from far away all you see is coloured dots on a tan background. Its WOW factor is not as high as other prints, but its something more conservative if you don't want all the colour. Its something you can bring to formal work if you wanted to.
  5. I do like it - I wear a lot of brown and I like the colors. I'm just not sure. My Toki collection may be getting a little out of hand. :rolleyes:

    Here is a pic I just took:
  6. I know what you are saying I have a famiglia caramella and I really don't like it. The tan color is just blah to me. I think they could have done better when it came to choosing a background color. I plan on getting rid of mine.

    If you are not in love with it I would return it and use the money towards something you like.
  7. gabes...i love it! beautiful character placement. that is one thing good about famiglia, you can't really get a bad print placement.
  8. I love my Famiglia Dolce & Denaro... but if you're not feeling it and it's a choice between that or something you'll like better... then go ahead and return it.

    Lot's of characters
    Not a scene, so most any placement is good
    Understated, so you might be able to wear it in more situations where you might not be able to get away with a louder Toki print
  9. I think "Love It or Leave" is probably a good policy. You said "I do like it". I'd take a couple of days to think it over. I LOVE all my Tokis (see siggy :graucho:). Maybe if you can live without it you should get a Toki you can't live without!!:biggrin: Famiglia is one of my least favorites, though, so maybe I'm biased?:shame:
  10. Nay... I dont like Famiglia and I also dont like Adios Star... I know I will never buy anything in Famiglia. I MIGHT get something in Adios Star in the future. But I have so many other prints that I want right now that if I dont LOVE a print, I wont buy it...

    But it's up to you.. If you like it, then keep it.. But if you think it's so so then think it over...
  11. I just returned my famiglia zucca to macys. I just couldn't get into it. When I saw pics of transporto I was in love so I ordered a zucca and don't have regrets about returning famiglia.
  12. I think the Famiglia is just different from what we're normally used to seeing, I mean I like it, but I dont know if I would wear it.
  13. I like Famiglia, but I don't *love* it. I have a Zucca and a denaro, but I honestly wish I had just gotten a caramella or a smaller bag. But I'll just keep the Zucca at this point, as I doubt I would get my money back on it. Famiglia has been selling really cheap on eBay.
  14. I don't absolutely LOVE Famiglia, but I do think it's adorably cute...

    I have several items in Famiglia including this Zucca, and I do plan to use it some day.

    Most of the characters on it are my favorites, so the placement is really ideal for me...:girlsigh:
    porto 032.jpg porto 045.jpg
  15. I like it, but only on certain style bags. I like it on the denaro, zucca, and gioco... Which is why I have the denaro and gioco. *lol* I think it's really, really cute on these styles but don't care for the print at all on the other styles.

    Also, I don't have a Tan Playground myself but when I compare e-bay pictures, the tan looks exactly the same to me. It's just that PG has a lot more going on and lots of bright colors added... but the background seems to be the same tan.

    Anyone have both Tan PG and Famiglia to take photos side by side? I seriously don't get when people say the tan (or brown as a lot of people are calling it) is so ugly and blah on Famiglia but they looove Tan PG...?