Famiglia. When?

  1. I've searched the archives but can't find the thread that says when it is to be released....
  2. Wasn't it July 10th?
  3. Hmmm.. then its probably mid July for us in Hawaii.. -____-

    Another HI meet, girls? :upsidedown: We said we needed to see this print IRL and decide if its a pass or not! Anyone up for getting lost again? :biggrin:
  4. And soemtime in August for us in Colorado....
  5. mMm...i'll probably end up getting a bambino or a dolce in this print...cmon macy's, pull thru for me!

    what are you ladies thinking about getting?
  6. I'm not sure how keen I am on this, but I am considering a bambino or a ciao, something small with the mummy guy on it (one of my faves).
  7. I want a dolce only if I can get one with pirate kittie in his little bubble! I originally wasn't going to get anything in this print, but pirate kittie is my absolute favorite character!!
  8. Dana, I'm in...but I'm not buying one lolz...I'm on a ban. lol.
  9. I might get a Stellina in Famiglia.
  10. Depends on real life look. If it's too XOXO looking, I'll probably just pass.
  11. A Zucca. Wow that's a surprise isn't it?
  12. hmm I can't wait to see an actual famiglia print bag IRL.
  13. You are the Zucca :queen:!!

    Jess - I dont think I'll buy anything either.. unless we go to Urbanz/Koko Marina again! Haha but definitely not a toki bag.. unless there's some miraculous sale going on :nuts:
  14. LOLz, then we must plan...gotta round up the gals ^__^