Famiglia Surprise!

  1. My DH went out to dinner with his dad my FIL and they stopped by Happy Six on the way to their car and my FIL got me this! I was so surprised when DH came home and had a Happy Six bag. I wasn't really thinking about buying this print because I wasn't in love with it in the pictures, but it's really cute IRL! It's nice orderly fun. Just wanted to share!
    IMG_7142.JPG IMG_7143.JPG
  2. How sweet of your FIL! Its adorable...great characters too. Enjoy!
  3. Congrats! Wow .. you sure got a super hubby who knows whaT missus likes!!!
  4. Wow, congrats! I too like the Famiglia print on the Zucca. Nice FIL!:tup:
  5. congrats!! :biggrin: cool FIL!
  6. I didn't think I would like this print! But on a zucca its very tempting!
  7. Cute! Where is Happy Six?
  8. oh WOW! so NICE of your FIL to get you a zucca...was it for any specific occassion? or out of the kindness of his heart/wallet lolz. but yanno this print is looking nicer and nicer. i still wouldn't want to buy one since i'm not a fan of khaki, but the characters are still so kyoot to look at =)

    i love happy six...there's a kyoot guy working there lolz
  9. You've got the bird and mermaid both on the front - I give it two thumbs up!! :tup::tup: I still don't care for this print, but after seeing two zucca's in the print it's very cute ONLY in zucca. I still don't care for the other styles.
  10. Wow what an awesome surprise! I get things like mulch and wheelbarrows for presents from my DH, LOL! I've been debating what style to get this print in and I think I just decided -- ZUCCA! It looks fantastic on that bag.
  11. Thanks everyone!

    Happy Six is in Los Angeles and I think he just bought it out of the kindness of his heart. :yahoo: He's a shopper and frequently will pick up random things here and there. He just recently found out I like bags, so I guess he decided the Zucca was the best style there and bought it for me.
  12. YAY! for a great FIL! I got the zucca for my aunty in this print! it came in yesterday and it's sooo beautifullll!!! I originally wanted it in that style but she was dying for a zucca so I'm getting the gioco...

  13. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Congrats it's super cute! What a nice FIL!! :graucho: This print is growing on me :rolleyes:
    What color is inside of the bag? :confused1:
  14. wow congratz! its cute
  15. The insides orange. And thanks again everyone! I feel very forunate to have such a generous FIL.