Famiglia sighting in Seattle

  1. The Alderwood Nordstrom has Famiglia in stock - dolce, stellina, gioco and zucca. I love the characters in the circles but not the brown/beige background. Hooray! More money to spend on the next new line. ;)
  2. Ohhh nice! I still haven't seen it in downtown Seattle yet. :smile:
  3. Me neither. The downtown Nordstrom doesn't seem to carry Tokidoki. Macy's usually gets a nice selection.
  4. By the way, what's "LJ"? I've seen it in a few posts.
  5. LJ is LiveJournal! ^____^
  6. Thanks! Um, what's livejournal?
  7. Thanks, bedhead!
  8. LJ or Livejournal is a online journal server blog thingi mah bob...

    there's also this community that's more laid back but less updated since it's not using the tokidoki it name a lot of the same members tho http://community.livejournal.com/tokiholics
  9. Aww... No Ciao? :sad:
  10. Hey Megami I got the Famiglia Ciao at JapanLA! I think Pulse might have it too! Im not so excited about the print, Im only after a few characters (mushroom, fish, candy, and more mushrooms). If anyone see's a stellina ( I think it would look cute in that bag, holla at your girl!
  11. I was hoping a store would have it just so I don't have to be a pain (again) with print placement. :sweatdrop:

    But there's a few things I want from JapanLA anyway so maybe I'll go with them. :biggrin:

    And you know, Stellina's my absolute FAVORITE style of bag, but not many prints can pull it off well. I think Famiglia would DEFINITELY be one that can! :biggrin: