Famiglia sighting at South Coast CA

  1. Nordstrom in South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa CA) has Famiglia. There seemed to be about a dozen bags. There may have been more in the back but I decided not to get any so I didn't ask.
    I just can not get excited about this pattern- too much brown for me.
  2. wow really... when I went there yesterday they only had like 5 bags out :shocked: I didn't really like it in person actually. but the gioco kinda called out to me a little :smile:
  3. Wow! I'll have to check it out this weekend! Living in CA has it's perks! There was a sale at this Nordstrom on purses two weekends ago and they put Tokidoki in the back room! I guess when they need room Tokidoki is the first to go into storage?! :tdown: