Famiglia Print

  1. Hey, I just realized that it's june 26th. According to the pulse calendar, isn't the familglia print supposed to be out by now? Have anyone seen it in stores yet?! Although it's not one of my fave print, I would love to see it in person.
  2. Not yet. I have it pre-ordered from Pulse, so I'm sure I'll hear from Casey when it arrives. I think the date range was actually 6/25-7/10 so it may be next week before we hear anything.
  3. i asked casey yesterday and she said 'anytime now!'
  4. The Famiglia Scuola that was on eBay went for $112.50. Someone got a VERY good deal.

    I wonder if that means it's not going to be a very popular print?
  5. I'm not a fan... The only upcoming prints that I NEED to get is Vacanze... I cant wait for that one... I'm not preordering it.. I dont know if I should.. What I wanted to do is just order a few from Nordstrom and Macys and return the ones I didnt like.. lol..
  6. In Houston the Metropark @ Willowbrook mall has them. I went to the Galleria today because they said they had them only to find that it was just a Spiaggia Zucca. The guy was like we justs got "NEW ONES IN" I went and was like ummm...this is not new :rolleyes: He was cute so I will give him a break..hahaha. They had TONS of Pirata Ciao Ciaos and plenty of Spiaggias in most styles for anyone in Houston. Not to mention they have tons of cute clothes etc. The only thing I bought was a Moofia milk carton for my friend's b-day tomorrow. :smile:
  7. I'm pretty confident I'll be able to just wait & get a Famiglia bag when they are deeply discounted :smile:
  8. Hmm I'm starting to think I should give up my spot on the Pulse wait list for famiglia. I'm not sure if I really want something in this print ...
  9. This is probably a dumb question but will the new prints be avaiable on the lesportsac website?
  10. idk im not feelin the famiglia so doubt id get anything on this print maybe when its discounted majorly i would lol
  11. somebody posted the famiglia ciao ciao on lj and the more I look at it, it's not as bad as I thought. I think I want one now in a ciao....