famiglia on metroparkusa.com

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  1. i thought id just inform everyone that metroparkusa.com has famiglia denaros and ciao ciaos on sale! i wonder if they have any in the stores....im not a big fan tho
  2. they won't ship to hawaii

  3. I was in Metro in SF on Friday and they didn't have any Famiglia bags in the store. All they had in Famiglia was the Denaro. They did however still have a ton of spiaggia zuccas and as zuccas....they had some other bags too, maybe giocos, I don't remember but no bags in Famiglia as of Friday.

    That's weird Tracy that they don't ship to Hawaii :wtf:
  4. are the famiglia straps brown or black?
  5. Chocolate brown.

  6. Is thert a code or something in order to get it on sale?
  7. I think she means for sale not on sale but I could be wrong. :confused1:
  8. oohh ok. Thanks
  9. I'm not positive but that's the way I read it. I honestly didn't check the price of the famiglia denaro when I was there so it could be on sale but I doubt it. :smile:
  10. The regular price of a denaro is $68. Metropark lists theirs as $69.
  11. oh whoopps i didnt mean like on sale but more like for sale!! hahahaha. sorry for the miscommunication!
  12. I was at Metropark at Mall of America on Thursday and they had Famiglia in Ciao Ciao and Denaro. I asked if their tokidoki ever goes on sale and the clerk said no.

    btw - while talking about the toki's with the clerk he told me that there was one girl that comes in all the time and studies all the print placements. He also told me that she has everything Lesportsac made for toki. I wonder if she is on TPF?
  13. yeah I don't live in HI, but I notice that most of the sites (incl. Macys) say they won't ship to HI..........do any HI girls know why they won't ship to you??