Famiglia is here!

  1. I saw the famiglia today in stock...but I think I will pass. It may be good if you like a more subtle type of pattern. Each of the circles on the bag are about 1 inch in diameter, bigger than I thought. I think the bigger bags will show more variety of characters.
  2. Where is here? I'd love to see the print in person. Right now I'm only drawn to the denaro, though i feel like i should collect it all.
  3. Me too! the denaro has something to it! hehehe I want a gioco!! I emailed jamie at japanla and she just got 2 in! YES!

    bagfever: where is here?
  4. I still want to see it IRL....but I still doubt I will get one lol.
  5. I want to see irl too, but I don't want to see it like it then wish I got it... Looking at the pictures I can tell that it'll be fine. it's not the best print but it's diff. oh i emailed everyone btw....
  6. Toronto!
  7. I like your name, "bagfever" hehe!

    I think I have bagfever all the time =)
  8. i think i'd only get a famiglia gioco, but that's only if it were on hella sale.
  9. I keep staring at the Famiglia zuccas on e-bay... The more I look at it, the more I want it. I don't necessarily "like" it, I just want it. *lol* I'm drawn to it. I don't even like the print of little circles! My bf saw the zucca and said, "I like it. It's like little individual drops of joy." *lmao* He was half-asleep and delirious when he said it but it was hella funny.

    "Individual drops of joy." :roflmfao:
  10. Omg lol, drops of joy?!!

    Awesome "I-wish-I-recorded-that-moment!" :biggrin:
  11. :lol: @ maya...cute!

    Idk im still not feeling famiglia!..good for my pocket lol ..but maybe later i might be drawn to it like spiaggia and lamore :lol:
  12. Just like Maya...everytime I see a picture, I'm starting to want a Zucca in Famiglia as well. Actually, I'm starting to want a Zucca in every print!:biggrin: It's my favorite style.
  13. Where in Toronto? I am going there next weekend!
  14. Manulife centre in the underground level, at Bay and Bloor.
  15. uh oh... i thought i could give this a miss but somehow it's really growing on me. yikes, i should stop checking out the pics. :lol:

    btw, i'm sure this has been mentioned before but i missed it.
    does famiglia come in MM at all?