Famiglia Denaro Pics..

  1. Can I see some pics of yours?? I am thinking of buying but would love to see pics from those who already have it! TIA:yes:
  2. I don't have one to post but in the meantime maybe you can find some pics in the collection thread. I think mayyybe I saw a pic of a famiglia denaro there.
  3. i think Nordstrom.com has one shown, too. :smile:
  4. uniquethreads has already sold a few on eBay... you can search current and completed auctions to see those.
  5. Here's my Famiglia Denaro (and Ciao). I posted it on the Collections thread. You'll probably find more there too. =)
  6. Gaaaaah, the ciao is super cute in Famiglia :love::love::love:

  7. Thanks!!:tup:
  8. Here's mine. I was so happy to get one with Mozzarella and Adios and Ciao Ciao on the front and on the back Adios brushing his teeth. I bought it from Uniquethreads on eBay.:yahoo:
  9. Thank you so much for posting that..so cute!
  10. Both denaros have the blue bird on it! I approve!! *lol*
  11. ahh i didn't catch i had blue bird! i was just after mozarella and adios!

    i love your denaro angelic-ruin! you also got the little red devil!
  12. hi, can one of you girls please post the SKU # for the famiglia denaros?
  13. I ordered one from Nordstrom.com hopefully it has some cute characters ..Ill share a pic when it arrives :smile:
  14. Is the SKU underneath the bar code? If so, that number is 8 43333 05558 9. If it's the number above the bar code, that is 724E9999999.
  15. YAY another one to add to my growing list of SKU #s... and angelic ruin... did u happen to buy a tokidoki trexi on eBay?