Famiglia Caramella Who Has One???

  1. Did anyone score a famigilia caramella anywhere?? :graucho: If so, can you post pics or tell me who you got on it?
  2. They're up on Tobi.com!!
  3. dont you have one Jen?? post yours and the rest of your crazy collection!!! :graucho: :biggrin:
  4. I'm just learning how to work the camera.. I have 2..I actually have 1 and my BF has 1 but we both hate ours :sad: so I wanted to see if there were better placements, thinking maybe I should order others. :graucho:
  5. don't have one myself but JapanLA had one left last week when I was down in LA
  6. Oh..but make sure when you know how to work them take pics! I wanna :drool: over your collection!!

    buy buy buy!!:graucho:
  7. Did you see it, was it cute???
    Tobi is sold out of famiglia caramellas :sad:
  8. Hi, Jen
    I've got one on the way from VIP fashions. I hope at least I get a couple of the characters I want.

    I can't believe it last week I emailed Tobi.com and they said they wouldn't be getting the famiglia print because I was going to purchase one from them. Can't believe they sold out of them already.

    P.S. Cute latte shirt! I was looking through the threads yesterday and saw a pic of your new shirt. :p
  9. Congrats on your caramella Blackwidow! :yahoo: I found it's kinda hard to get one with the characters I want. I hope you get one that you love. I had asked tobi a month or so ago about those caramellas and they told me too that they weren't carrying them. :wtf: So I just figured they didn't have them. I never thought to look b/c maybe they got them. I guess I should've checked. :rolleyes: You've gotta let us know if you like yours when you get it!!

    Thanks, I :heart: the shirt!
  10. Jen - I don't remember, to be honest. I looked at it and it didn't have a lot of my fav characters, and it was too big, I dunnos, I'm not a huge fan of caramellas, I wish they still made caramellinas!!
  11. No luck locating caramellas in NYC either! The only store I have ever seen them in is the Times Square Virgin Megastore.
  12. Thanks Hazelnut...I don't know why they stopped making the caramellina either...that was so cute and affordable too. This is for lesportsux :lecture:

    Nyshopaholic - Virgin didn't get the new print in though, did they? I know they had spiaggia, I think but I didn't ever hear that they got famiglia in stock. :confused1:

    We already have 2 but we both hate them...too funny, so we wanted to try and at least get one that we like. I wanted pink latte on mine and didn't get her. My BF wants adios and we didn't get him either! :nuts:
  13. Here's mine...Cute characters, but I haven't decided if I'm keeping it, yet...:confused1:
    DSC 017.jpg DSC 024.jpg
  14. :drool::drool:Thanks so much for the pic!! Yours is super cute but still no adios :wtf:. I haven't seen one with adios on it. Where did you get yours? :graucho:
  15. Thanks, Jen! I didn't notice Adios wasn't there because I'm not an Adios fan...

    I got this from Tobi.com the other day.

    What print placement are you looking for?

    Famiglia is definitely growing on me....